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The Sound of Music


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"The hills are alive, with the sound of music..."
This is the proposal for a Sound of Music LEGO set. I believe that a Sound of Music LEGO set would be amazing! There are generations of people all around the world who adore the Sound of Music, and by supporting, you can make this a reality!

A big shout out to to WipeoutZone for rendering my photos! He does a fantastic job of rendering!
How to spread the word:
Spread the word through social media, tweet about it on your Twitter account, directly tweet actors, and people part of the film, share on Facebook with friends who like the Sound of Music. It helps out extraordinarily, because it is exceptionally hard to reach 10,000 supporters without that kind of support.
And of course please consider supporting here on CUUSOO!
With the 50th anniversary coming in 2015, it would be amazing if this could reach at least 1000 supporters by the 50th anniversary.
But it would be even better if 10,000 would be reached before the 50th anniversary.
Captain Von Trapp, Baroness Schraeder, Maria, Rolf, and all of the Von Trapp children minifigures. Also features Liesl in a pink dress when she dances with Rolf in the gazebo.
Note: Rendered pictures coming soon!
Maria's bedroom, so you can recreate the memorable song "My Favorite Things"
Two stairways for the reenactment of the song "So Long Farewell"
A large dance floor.
One of the children's bedrooms.
The gazebo which Liesl and Rolf do the iconic song, "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"
A large wall encompassing the Von Trapp's driveway.
A large gate, and a fountain in the middle of a garden.

These are the minifigures and the interior of the Von Trapp mansion. The whole Von Trapp family assembled. Baroness Schraeder is on the middle left. Maria has a suitcase and her guitar case. The white floor has 2X2 flat pieces with a single stud in the middle. This adds to the playability.
For better quality photo,

This is the back of the Von Trapp manision. It has a extremely sturdy roof which is strongly reinforced. For a picture of the real mansion...

On the right is Maria's bedroom. You can reenact the song, "Favorite Things" with it. There is also a large wardrobe. If you are not a fan of the Sound of Music, this would still make an attractive mansion.

This is Liesl climbing into Maria's room after her dance with Rolf. There is a shall clip with which she can grab onto, enabling her to climb into Maria's room.
"Louisa can make it with a whole jar of spiders in her hand!" : )
Closing words:
Thank you for the view of this project! Make sure to spread the word, and support.

Lets make this project become a reality!

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