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The Brady Bunch Staircase



Here's the story...

The Brady Bunch home is one of the most recognizable television homes of all time. In the center of that home is the iconic staircase where the family has stood many times, arranged in order from the youngest at the top, to the oldest down below. The staircase wouldn’t be complete without that iconic horse statue located below the banister. It has been seen standing in the same position throughout all of the Brady years. The build-able staircase becomes the perfect place to display the entire LEGO Brady Bunch! 

Each Brady is dressed in their grooviest outfit and posses an item or article of clothing that represents some of the best known episodes from the series.

For instance:

Greg carries a guitar and is dressed as his chart topping, alter ego, Johnny Bravo.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha can’t stop brushing her hair.

Peter sports a Hawaiian shirt that he brought back with him from their unlucky vacation in Hawaii. (Do I see a tiki doll LEGO piece in the future? Or will the cursed prop still bring bad luck?)

Jan tries to be different and more popular in her interchangeable, curly, dark brown wig.

If Bobby looks more like Sherlock Holmes than a Brady, that’s because he’s been hired by “the youngest one in curls” to help her solve the case of the missing Kitty Karry-all doll.

Then, there’s Alice. The Brady’s just aren’t complete without their butcher-loving housekeeper (with frying pan)!

Finally, this episode of the Brady Bunch includes a "twist" in the plot! In truly TV studio set fashion, spin the staircase around and you won't find any bedrooms or Mike's work den - instead, blue boxes (as seen in the show's opening credits) house each one of the figures! Now you have two ways of displaying the entire build-able Brady Bunch!

The Brady's have become an ever-growing, far out franchise - including 5 seasons of the original television series, an animated series, a spin-off series, a variety show, multiple reunion specials, music albums, a stage play, and two top-grossing theatrical movies. It’s time to take another step up that unmistakable, iconic staircase and turn the entire Brady Bunch, into the next most sought after LEGO set!

Cue opening sequence - LEGO-style! Watch it on YouTube!





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