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Godzilla and Friends

Welcome to the Cuusoo page of Godzilla and his friends/foes.

Who doesn't know Godzilla?! An iconic japanese monster, who has been an inspirator to comicartists, writers, moviemakers and such, for decades.
Godzilla has a huge fanbase, and collectors all over the world. Could this be a new collectors-item?

Since the minifigure series 3 and 5, the door has been opened to variations of the Godzilla and ape-suit guy. So the mini-figures need not new molds. Just new printing.
The wings of Mothra and the ears from King Caesar are from series 8.

Off course the minifigures are cool, but they need a micro-environment, and that's where the builds come in. Small micro-builds of skyscrapers where the monsters can battle in. Or destroy the buildings in sight!

When this project becomes reality, my guess is that there will be a lot of MOCs with the japanese monsters in it, and since i consider myself just a poor builder, i like to see all those great MOCs by those guys who are really good!

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