Product Idea

The Office

Welcome to Dunder Mifflin Scranton! The Office is one of my absolute favourite TV shows of all time, and when I saw the IP was allowed, I just knew I had to make a set on it. Throughout all 9 seasons, the Office is one of those series that consistently makes me laugh throughout and I must have re-watched the whole thing at least 7 times by now! In this build, I have attempted to add in as many details that you hardcore fans will be able to spot, ranging from a Dundee in Michael's Office, all the way to Pam's painting on the wall. I have wanted an Office set for so long so that I can recreate all my favourite moments from the show, and by supporting this idea, we have the opportunity to potentially make this a reality. 

The Characters I chose to add into this build are- 
* Michael Scott
* Dwight Schrute 
* Jim Halpert
* Pam Beesly Halpert
* Andy Bernard
* Kevin Malone
* Oscar Martinez
* Angela Martin 
* Stanley Hudson
* Phyllis Lapin Vance
* Daryll Filbin
* Erin Hannon
* Creed Bratton
* Meredith Palmer
* Ryan Howard
* Kelly Kapoor
* Toby Flenderson 

 We need 10,000 supporters for this set to be considered for production, so please share and support!