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The Simpsons - School Bus


"Yo, Bart Dude!"

- Otto

Otto Mann, known as Otto the Bus Driver is a former school underachiever and later college dropout who now works as the bus driver for Springfield Elementary. Otto is as a caricature of heavy metal music aficionados who mostly play guitar, while occupying a low-level labor job. He is a character well known for his party tendencies and calling others slang such as "dude", "lady", or "pops". He is friends with Bart on some occasions, despite their age difference, and dreams of starting his own rock band to become a celebrity, all while getting the school bus into trouble one time after another.

He was placed under suspension at least twice: Once after he not only crashed a school bus full of kids for the 15th time, but was also revealed not to possess a driver's license and another time when he spanked Bart out of fury after Bart stole the bus (and thus cost him his one and only chance of proving himself to Metallica by giving them a ride).

The School Bus has 234 pieces with side glass door, front engine, large rubber wheels, luggage compartment, front cockpit, and removable roof. Springfield better stay off the roads!

A possible Wave 3 Otto minifigure and other schoolkids would fit very well with this set. If you like the design, please support my project.



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(The Simpsons, Season 3, Episode 22 ‘The Otto Show')