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Interactive Work Center


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Interactive work center for woodworking "RoverA". Works perfectly on wood , and operated through computer connected to the  machine,  the blade changes depending on your choice.  It is also complete with the engine that drives the blade housing. It has power funcion: engine, receiver, remote control, switch the lights and everything connected to a battery.It has a stick to turn off and a fake computer , radio , screen viewing experience with button "emergency stop" and keyboard, it is constructed so as to be easily dismantled and rebuilt, it is divided into several sections: base, moving head controlled by motor and various characters ,such as: technical, employee, postman and owner. My project is expected to become a LEGO product because in 7 months I have worked hard in the construction of this project woodworking (not real wood, are smooth lego decorations in place !). Thanks for you attention and hopefully become a LEGO product !

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