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Arcade Games


This lego arcade games set is one of a kind. It has a skee ball game the old fashioned arcade style. It also has an amazing foosball table and an air hockey table. And an arcade wouldn't be complete without a stuffed animal game machine and a car ride game. The car ride is a star cruiser type ship that goes through Jurassic Park. There are two arcade players that come with: a male and female and both come with their own soda pop can and token coin to play. 

I made this set for those who love arcade games, especially skee ball. 

This set should be made into a lego set because it's not only fun to build, it's fun to play. It's like having your own mini arcade right in your home to play anytime you want. It also makes a great display and adds to any lego room. Take a turn on the Jurassic Park star cruiser ride or try your best to win one of the stuffed dogs or cats in the stuffed animal machine. Play a friend in air hockey or foosball, and don't forget to spend your free time enjoying the retro skee ball game!

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