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Doctor Who the Angels Take Manhattan


In this episode the Angels Take Manhattan Rory gets locked into a dark room with weeping angels. Once he gets out the doctor goes down the step into the dark room where Rory had been then they notice that he is gone and they then notice that there are weeping angels then they sneak off and read more in the book to see where he is. Then they found out that he is in this building next to a guy in a bed and then he finds out from the doctor that it was himself who died in that bed and the doctor tells him that the weeping angels are going to be after him all his life. So he then runs until he reaches the statue of liberty which is a weeping angel then before the doctor could catch his partner and Rory they jump off the edge and then end up in the graveyard where they started in the beginning then when Rory notices that his name is on the grave stone then he started to freak out then when he blinked the weeping angel took him to another universe. But then the doctor’s partner was so sad that she purposely blinked at a weeping angel so she could be with Rory.

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