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Apocalypse Dragon


This is the Apocalypse Dragon from the video game, Dragon City.   I have also created the High Guardian Dragon and am working on others to add to this series.  Dragon City was created in 2012 by Julian del Rey at Social Point.  The game was soon rated #2 in Facebook's 25 top rated games. 

Dragon City is an exciting game where you breed your own dragons and create a fantastic world of magical islands!  You can choose to just build your islands or combat against your friends with your team of dragons! There are over 100 dragons in this game, all with a different look, personality, and magical element power.

The Apocalypse Dragon is special in itself and is one of many rare four-element dragons.  He takes 72 hours to breed; whereas, others can breed in one day.  His elements include: fire, ice, dark, and light.  His wings rotate in all directions.  His neck, chest, legs, and tail also move up and down.  He's fun to build and very playable for kids of all ages.  Take him apart time and time again, or collect the whole series and put them out for display. 

All the dragons are bright and colorful and appealing to the eye.  They come in various sizes and are a lot of fun to build and play with.  My younger brother and sister, along with their friends, also enjoy playing with the things I make.  Lego building is my outlet to creative thinking!

I'm building more dragons and will post them soon.  ​In the meantime, please check out my High Guardian Dragon.

​Thanks for considering my creation! 


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