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The V12 LMR is BMW's only Le Mans racer (so far). It raced in 1999, and car number 15 won, which was incredible, as it had taken BMW only 2 years to design and build. It also competed in the ALMS (American Le Mans Series), and was very successful in that to.

This LEGO version is designed to be as realistic as possible without being to large. It is 8 studs wide, 18 studs long and is made of 180 pieces (not including the minifigure). It has:

  • Kidney grilles
  • Air intakes on both sides with an extra one on the right
  • A rear spoiler
  • Four exhausts
  • A rear diffuser

There is also a racing driver minifigure.

I have made many car sets, and you can see them here:

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