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Candy Machine


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~~~~Do you know what is missing from your desk a Lego candy machine! This is the biggest creation yet! This project took me about to 44 minutes to finish it! I was thinking what I could make and I made a candy machine. I wanted to put this creation on here so it might be able to get 10,000 supporters and become an official Lego set. I made this mostly out of green pieces. I used flat pieces inside so if you have a Lego penny laying around yo can slide it in the hole on the side. If you look at the third picture you can see a little piece that is a glowing round piece and you put the penny in and then it pushes the round piece out and the piece in the front it looks like a cigarette coming out of the candy machine. You slide that piece to the other side and the candy comes out. I hope this can become an official Lego set. Please support. Enjoy

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