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Ocarina of time brick-build figures


HUGE little update

I said I would make sets for the figures I've created, sadly that's not going to happen. The figures are too big to have sets. If they did have sets they would have to be really small. So in order to create sets, I have created...


Mini Link with master sword, Hyrule shield, bow & arrow, and the eye of truth.

Mini Zelda with ocarina of time.

Mini Ganondorf & Phantom Ganon with staff.

Mini Sheik with Harp.

Mini Epona.

And Mini Ganon.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...


This set is based of the lost forest. It is made up of 169 bricks.

This set includes young Link with sword and deku shield.

It also includes Saria with her fairy and ocarina.

They can practice songs in the Lost forest.

The next set is Hyrule drawbridge. Made up of 106 bricks.

This set includes young Zelda and Impa.

It also includes the horses in the chase scene.

This set is fire temple bridge. Made up of 103 bricks.

Sheik finds Link.

This set is based off the water temple.

The best part of it anyway, when Link fights...

Dark Link.

This is the Dead Hand boss from the shadow temple. It's made up of 62 bricks.

This set is the Desert Gate to the wasteland. The bridge opens and closes by the turn of the handle, and the set is made up of 115 bricks.

This set includes the gate Gerudo.

This last set is Ganon's Castle based of the Boss Ganondorf cutscene. This set is made up of 252 bricks and in my opinion is the best set.

That's it for now. These mini sets are a big contribute to this project. If you have any other ideas for a set of figure let me know in the comments. I hope with enough support these sets will become a reality.  


Ocarina of Time Brick-build figures

I've made some new characters. Straight out of the game it's Young Link, Young Zelda, and Epona. Young Link is made up of 64 pieces and is equipped with his sword and deku shield. Young Zelda is made up of 49 pieces. Epona is made up of 70 pieces and in connectable to Link. This is it for figures for now but new sets will be coming soon.

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