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Ocarina of time brick-build figures


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Based off of the popular video game Ocarina of Time, It's Link, Zelda, Sheik, and Ganondorf. Link is made up of 67 pieces and is equipped with his master sword, hyrule shield, the ocarina of time, and of course navi. Zelda is made up of 52 pieces. Sheik is made up of 40 pieces and is equipped with a harp. Ganon is made up of 87 pieces and is equipped with his phantom Ganon sphere. Each figure is slightly poseable in there own way. There will be more figures coming soon, but this is it for now. Maybe I'll even make little sets to go with the figures. I hope everyone helps me on my way to 10,000 supporters so that we can finally get the zelda legos the fan-base has been craving.

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