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The Zues


The Zues is the ultimate personal space yacht.  It includes two sleeping areas for passengers.  It also has a large living space complete with living room with bar, big screen television, and computer to keep the kids happy. It also includes a full bathroom with toilet, sink and a shower. If the passengers get hungry, it has a kitchen with a sink, counter top and cupboards. It has a bigger crew area with room for three crew members, and two beds so they can get rest if needed.

It has smooth lines front to back using flat tiles on the both sides.  It has  a technic frame on the bottom to support is long and tall frame.  It has several landing feet to support its long body, plus all the landing gear is retractable. The entire roof is removable, due to it being attached with two studded 1x4 flat bricks and smooth flat bricks. The back door also acts s a landing ramp, It includes twelve mini figures, a family of three, three crew members and six space suits for all of them.

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