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Wild Walrado


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Wild Walrado...


Wild Walrado is a lonesome valley, filled with bandits and scorpions. Hot and dry, no rain has fallen for ten years. Animals scorched by the burning sun, roaming in search of any source of food and water. Even the clouds are dried out and frail. No one dares set foot in Wild Walrado, and its name is feared when spoken. 

There is only one who will dare to pass its borders and that is jolly old Derdy. He's known for his cheerful and optimistic attitude. He farms with cattle and corn in Kentucky where he lives in a log cabin together with his wife,children, and his dog Scruff, but due to a recent draught he has gone east to find a temporary job so that he could provide for his family. He found a jolly good job and made enough money to keep them through the winter. He is now on his way home and his path leads through the forsaken Wild Walrado. 

But what he does not know is that Jermy Mo-Mo and Vincent Van de Pampoen, is waiting for any unsuspected travellers who strays within their grasp. 


The Wild Walrado set contains the wagon pulled by a black horse, a desert scene, and also three minifigures which include, Derdy, Jermy Mo-Mo and Vincent Van de Pampoen.


I estimate the cost of this set at about $35

Please support. Make this happen. Feel free to comment. Thanks...

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