Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs - Ultimate Ramrod 2

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One of my old favorite TV Shows in the 80´s was Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs.
It has inspired me to draw Pictures and to build LEGO modells.
This year I started building the vehicles of the Show that was loved a lot and without the Star Sheriffs never could win the fight against the Outrider!
Here is my own made Version of the Super Robot Cowboy Ramrod 2!
Ramrod is fully made of LEGO and has a lot of Detail and some functions that are identic to the original Ramrod 2 in the Series.

This is my fourth Project on LEGO CUUSOO and I hope that under the other LEGO builders are more Saber Rider Fans as myself, that ever had wished a model of The Space Robot Cowboy Ramrod 2.

Let´s see how much interest this model will find!

It took me a Long time to create Ramrod 2 and I am very proud of it!
This Robotcowboy is my first creation of this year and it was a big fun to do it :)
As you can see, Ramrod 2 is fully made and well articulated.
He can move and rotate his Head, Arms, Hands, Hip, Legs and Foots.
Also he can move his Maveric Canons on the Chest, to blow out the Outrider!

On the Backside on the red Shield is the Spaceship head from the Jet Mode.

I designed a Special Stand that can absorbe the wheigt of this Model to the ground because of ist Form.

Ramrod 2 has a lot of Details that are known from the original Ramrod.
He has the authentic look and is a real cool heavy Robot.
Even if you don´t know the old TV Show, you will like and love this strong Power Robot!

He is in his Robot Mode (Challenge Phase One).
This Model is not able to transform into the Starship Mode.
But I think that isn´t that bad, for a Standmodel ;)

For me Ramrod is the cooles Robot Cowboy in the Universe!

Here you can see me with my Ramrod 2 and my other Creations.
So you can compare and check how big everything is ;)
Did I mentioned that I am realy proud?

The Space Cowboy also has his big Lasergun, what makes everything more exited to pose him into a battlestand and let the battle for Yuma take its Final!

I really hope you like my creation and are willing to Support me.
Let us bring Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs back to our time and lifes!

Dejin Kai