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Mini Modular - Police Station


Inspired by LEGO mini modular Bricktober sets 40180 - 40143 and Mini Modulars 10230, this is my first LEGO project in mini modular building.  There are many interesting and awesome mini modular building projects submitted to LEGO IDEAS'.  In particular, mini modular building projects created by: Blade-1210, daystar, jeffndeb, Paupadros, samiam, EdubI31216, lego_brick_master, Lego-Projects, ppar016, t-brick, ThatLegoGuy, BirdOprey5, CoffeeCow, jmathis, FrancisB1, nunki-psi and PLT14 are very unique and beautiful.  I like them very much.

As a complement to Bricktober sets 40180 - 40143, I choose Police Station as my first project in LEGO modular building.  I hope this model would make a good addition to mini modular Bricktober sets 40180 - 40143.  It comes together a police car and a helicopter.  

I hope that you will this mini set project interesting.  Your comments for improvement are most welcome.

Thanks for reading.  Brick On !