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Gizmo Gal's Workshop


My younger sister has a real thing for robots and robotics, so I made a set which would be centered around it. This would make an excellent set because as of now, there is no other like it! It would be a lot of fun to play with, not only because of the various different robots, but the several features of the tower. The hands which help manufacture the robots can move, and there is a hose up the side of the building for coolant liquid. The coolant liquid would get drained through the hatch that opens up when you pull a lever. Also, connected to the tower is the leash for the guard dog, Wilbur. Beneath the hands there are two reels which, when you pull out the blue piece stopping up the rope, can either give the Wilbur a longer, or shorter leash. Overall, it's a fun set that features a girl, something which we definitely should have more of. Thank you!