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Bamboo Cafe


Have a cuppa in my fictional café owned by the wise old panda 'Bamboo'. This is one of my buildings that I have created to expand my town beyond the limited sets that the LEGO Creator range have to offer. Some of my other buildings will be posted in the future.

There are two main tables with chairs on either side with a possibility for three (However it is quite cramped, so that table is not shown here.) This part of the café takes up the ground floor of the building and also includes a walkway so that it will blend into your landscape - I have designed it to be the same width as other Creator buildings.

On the second floor is a simple flat with a comfy-looking double bed. As I am short on windows I used roof tiles pieces to create interesting shapes (This has also been done for the door on the ground floor.). There is a radio above the bed for the sake of home comforts, but not much beside that.

And on the top floor we have Bamboo the panda herself, gazing out from under her sheltered seating place, with a clock above for passers-by to check the time with. Access to the roof is via a ladder on the inside of the building with a moving trapdoor at the top. It is equipped with a phone, chair and radio mast.

The last thing to mention is the cool-looking sign hanging down which I have to say I am quite proud of.

Please support today to make this set a reality!

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