Product Idea

Teedo and Luggabeast

Update 1


I know there is an upcoming official set of this title and my MOC no longer getting chance to be on shelf, but, no point for being upset, LEGO is fun anyway, this is why I still got my update version here.

Thanks for everyone love this project, especially those who given encouragement and comments which will definitely turn this project to even better. I understand the color of luggabeast is most of the people concern about, but I personally still prefer monotones, however, I did added some blue and orange to make it more accurate to the movie.

Beside the color, I also do some revision on:
- size of the head
- eyes
- details of front face
- connection of head to body
- Teedo's leg & shoes
- Teedo's long stick
- etc...

And, finally here it is:

This is my small advisor:

Teedo: short leg with shoes, catch bottle attached on back.

Scavenger job:

Closeup of saddle: easier for Teedo to stand on it.

Closeup on face: added in the pipes.

Closeup on eye: new printed eye instead of stick-removed joystick part.

Of course, I will not forget to re-shoot the romantic scene:

Shall we have a cute version of luggabeast? Why not?

View high resolution image here: