Product Idea |

Professor Zoom vs. Flash

Prof. zoom breaks out of his prison! Only Flash can stop him. With the breakable front blue door, the hinged roof or hinged doors on the sides and back, Professor Zoom can flee. It is now up to you whether Professor Zoom escapes or will be catched by Flash.
Minifigures: Prof. Zoom and Flash
Content: Prof. Zoom´s prison, computer station and a super jumper.
Features: Front blue glass is connected with the roof. Roof can be opened. Blue glass and roof can be removed. Back and side doors can be opened.

Professor Zoom: legs and hips are yellow, yellow body with muscles, at the bottom from the body is a red belt. Black circle with red flash on the chest, arms and hands are yellow. Face is yellow, as in Flash with a printed mask only in yellow. Has a nasty smiling mouth and white eyes.
Mask is yellow in the form of Flash's mask. Flashes on the sides are red.