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Kolona - De Bosset Bridge Obelisk in Argostoli, Greece


Kolona - A Monument in Argostoli, Kefalonia/Greece, is a part of the longest stone bridge in Europe, the De Bosset bridge, built in 1813.

The Obelisk had a plaque in four languages, Greek, English, Italian and Latin: "To The Glory Of The British Empire" 

There used to exist a small walkway to connect the obelisk with the bridge, but after the 1953 earthquake, the walkway disappeared.

Today, you will not see the top of the Obelisk, because after the 2013 earthquake it fell down and till today, the damage is not fixed.

This Obelisk, will offer a unique monument in almost every LEGO City project, as it is not too big and it has nice proportions. 

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