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Charlie's Chocolate Factory


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     The following idea presented above is based on a building from the 2005 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Tim Burton. Why this building? Well, this chocolate factory has been adapted in many different works, such as the original novel, its sequel, and a couple of other movies. Therefore, it would be very smart to add this incredible factory, and the iconic characters that it might include, to the Lego collection. Imagine how happy some old fans of the original movies/books would feel to having the setting for all of those works right in their homes. 

     But why a Lego set? Well, Lego has proved themselves to be a very succesful company, creating toys for children all over the world, and including this set would broaden the path to induce more children and collectors to start buying more. Plus, it would include more features and playibility, and not just with the building part. Features woul include a slide to shoot out minifigures from the garbage shoot (the blue and white room is where that is located) and an elevator that can be removed from the roof so that consumers can play with it (this is in the room that connects the TV room, the white room, and the squirrel room, the blue and white room). To add on, there could also be a little lever to lift a minifigure through the pipe in the chocolate room (the jungle-like room), and, finally, the last feature would probably be a small mechanism that could swith a minifigure with a circular object to demonstrate the scene/chapter in which one of the characters transforms into a gigantic blueberry (the room after the room with the pink boat). 

     Next, the minifigure are another very important part of all Lego sets. Therefore, it would be smart to incude Willy Wonka (of course), Charlie Bucket, the other golden ticket winners, Grandpa Joe, and one or two Ommpa Loopas. If the set needs to get more pieces (for the pieces/price ratio) adding some of the other parents could be another addition to the set. 

     To conclude, this set could be a great new addition to the Lego family, and I would love to have another box added in the Lego stores around the country. Therefore, I hope that the board and the supporters can vouch for this set and make it a reality in the futre. 

                                                                                                   Yours truly, The Creator.

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