Product Idea

1D Concert

Experience the world's largest band - in minifigure scale! Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall are waiting on a concert stage, inspired by 2015's On The Road Again tour. This immersive model includes as many details as possible. 

The band members are wearing outfits that correspond with different years of 1D. Liam's black tee is from OTRA, Louis and Harry are dressed like in the band's movie This Is Us, and Niall's outfit matches one from their Where We Are tour.

Included are guitarist Dan Richards, keyboardist / musical director Jon Shone, bass Sandy Beales, and drummer Josh Devine. Choreographer Paul Roberts, bodyguards Preston, Basil, Alberto and Leo, and venue security complete the look. 

> Main stage.
> Walkway with b-stage and ramp.
> 3 adjustable spotlights.
> Crystal globe lights, like those seen at their shows. 
> 3 guitars, 1 amp, keyboard, and a drumset.
> 2 road cases, and 8 speakers.

The set is modelled on this tour backdrop:

If you or a fan you know wants to "take them home", please support and share! 

2584 pieces.