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U-Haul Truck


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Introducing the U-Haul truck! This truck is based on the GMC 6500 26 ft. model. These trucks are well known all throughout the US and Canada for being affordable trucks to rent when a someone is moving.  It is 6 studs wide at the cab and 8 studs wide for the entire box body. The truck has plenty of storage for moving whatever you need! The entire box body measures 32 studs long including the over head area! The rear door of the truck does open to access the cargo area of the truck. The rear door also features a movable door handle. The truck stays true to U-Hauls color scheme with the main color being white with red, black, and light grey accents. The cab is fully detailed and has two black seats, a completed dash and a set of speedometers. The exterior is also detailed with black door handles and tow mirrors. This set contains 233 bricks and would sell for $20 to $30 US currency.

Thank you all for supporting, it is much appreciated!

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