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OMG: TD! - tower defense with greek myth

This is a set based on OMG: TD! A mobile tower defense game based on Greek mythology.

This is a re-enactment of the boss battle scene in level 7.

An introduction of myself and the set:
I am gilakai, also the game designer of the mobile game OMG: TD! Lego was a big part of childhood, and a huge source of my creativity. These days, the more I work on video games, the more I needed to balance it up by making something with physical object. I recently rekindled my love for Lego, and this set is the result of merging my two loves - video games and Lego.

Proposed minifigs in the set:
1. Zeus
2. Poseidon
3. Ares
4. Minotaur
5. Cyclopes
6. Medusa
(Cletus the lake monster is not a minifig)

Poseidon and Ares decided to tag team on the Minotaur. Poseidon throwing him up in the air with a mighty geyser attack, and Ares meeting the beast in the air!

Zeus is attacking Cyclopes with his lightning bolt attack.

Cletus the lake monster just rose from the lake, and is preparing an attack on the temple.

Medusa just entered the scene from the cave entrance. Also featuring: the lightning shrine with three charges.

Planned improvements:
- Other than Zeus and Cletus, all the other characters in the scene are directly lifted off the official collectible minifigures. I am planning to customize them so that they resemble the characters in the actual game.
- Cletus needs some teeth!
- Monopods! They seem easy to make in droves but I haven't figured out a good combination of bricks yet.
- geyser need to look more realistic
- I haven't figured out what to hide in the temple.

I greatly appreciate comments on how I could improve this set, thank you!

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