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Modular Dance Club / 70's Discotheque


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This is my interpretation of a 70's era discotheque, a venue I visited many times growing up in a metropolitan city. At the front door you find the doorman screening clients and collecting an entrance fee. All the customers are dressing up to get the attention of the doorman to gain admittance, each one trying to outdo the other. Inside on the ground level you will find the juice bar with a couple of bartenders mixing up your favorite concoction. To the right you will find the dance floor, with overhead flashing lights and rotating gold chrome mirror balls.   The DJ sits in the back corner of the dance floor and spins up tunes on the turntable. 6 speakers hang from the ceiling providing the music. There is seating is by the front windows and underneath the stairs which lead up to a balcony area. The balcony features more private seating and a great view of the lower floor. At the very end of the balcony is the manager's office, which features a glass enclosed balcony with a view below.  The manager has a coffee machine with a safe underneath.

This build consists of ~2450 bricks including 4 minifigures; doorman, 2 bartenders and the club manager. It also features a motor in the roof section which is removable for access. For the lighting slots are provided for LED strip lighting beneath the balcony and in the roof section. I first designed it on LDD and then started assembling it with modifications. The LED controller is in the ceiling and controls the lights to the music, a typical 70's style color organ.

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