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Octan Home Service


The coming winter may be really cold and icy. So take good care of your oil stock, because your central heating is oil based.

Pick up your phone and order soon, to keep your home cosy and comfortable.

The Octan Energy Home Service will deliver as soon as possible.


Many homes in old center-townships have oil based boilers for central heating, but the streets are narrow. So a big tanker truck would get stuck. That's why the Octan service uses also mini tanker trucks to supply those homes with heating energy.

We had tankers as railway waggons and rigs before. Also kinds of micro tankers for sportplanes. I think now it's the time to build a compact tanker truck, which can drive through the small streets and alleys of the old midtown.

Again my idea is to create and launch a project, which can be realized and affordable to many city fans all around the world.

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