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Failed Hypercube


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By popular demand here comes the definitive resubmission.

Our scientist are still trying to make a perfect hypercube but Lego hasn´t the right bricks to do it so this is what you got... A failed experiment.

In geometry, a hypercube is an n-dimensional analogue of a square. In lego, a hypercube is nothing.

Failed hypercube set is composed by two mad scientist and a group of metalized bricks without meaning. As many of the experiments are.

We are going crazy to fix all the parts in a commercial set but all we have is a futuristic one.

The Failed Hypercube looks great but doesn´t do nothing. 

Support dimensional lego set. Support your mind expansion.

You will act like a mad scientist. Very intelligent but mad anyway.

Support some crazy projects in Lego IDEAS. 


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