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Jungle Cruise


Attention All Skippers!

The Jungle Cruise attraction has been delighting Guests since the first version of the ride opened at Disneyland in 1955. Since then, the attraction has expanded its reach and now can be found in multiple Disney Parks around the globe!

The ride is anchored around a risky trip through the jungles of the world, and the excellent theming of the entire attraction, from the queue to the exit, reinforces this narrative. The "punny" sense of humor displayed by the skippers is an attraction in and of itself! Guests view mysterious temple ruins, the majestic African velt, and even the backside of water! The boats themselves have become iconic in their own right, and this model is a stylized tribute to these classic vessels.

Model Specifications:

Piece Count: Approximately 350 pieces

Length (Bow to Stern): 11 inches

Width (Widest Point): 4 inches

Details such as the smokestack, the iconic red and white "tarp" roof that was a staple of the early versions of the boats, and even the skipper's pistol that's shot into the air to scare off the hippos (No animals are harmed!) are included in this recreation. 

A Note on Minifigures: The minifigures used in the above concept model are just to demonstrate the scale and playability of the vessel. Perhaps a custom minifigure wearing a legitimate Jungle Cruise skipper outfit could be manufactured for the set, should it reach 10,000 and be approved.

Fun Facts:

- PIXAR founder John Lasseter once was a skipper on the Jungle Cruise.

- The attraction didn't always have the iconic sense of humor that we know and love today. When it first opened, it was more of a "True-Life Adventure," documentary-style attraction.

Jungle Survival Tip: Remember, if confronted with a charging rhino, run to the nearest tree and climb fast! Failure to do so could result in a pointed confrontation.

Thank you so much for your support! Have a magical day!

SKIPPER NOTICE: Due to local monsoons, tomorrow's seminar on how to waterproof your vessel... has been rained out.

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