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Pentatron - The 5 Spaceship-Robot Combiner!


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Inspired by my love of Transformers, Star Wars, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and robots in all shapes and sizes, Pentatron is 5 mini spaceships that combine into one giant deep space robot!


Using pegs that fold out from the main torso, each ship can be transformed and connected to the body with two becoming hands, two becoming feet and the largest ship becoming the head and torso that connects them all together. 

Each ship is fully poseable in both ship and body part form with adjustable wings and parts, as well as real firing missiles, a detachable cockpit for the torso and B.U.T.T (Ballistic, Ultra, Trajectory Transmitter) lasers when in robot form. Perfect for intergalactic battles of all kinds!

Pentatron's name derives from a pentagon, a 5-sided shape, due to being made from 5 different ships combining together. However, The connective peg system allows for different spaceships/weapons to be connected at a later date so stay tuned to see what  new spaceship/weapon instalments are on their way!


  • 5 fully poseable spaceships that combine to make one giant robot.
  • Fully poseable giant robot with many points of articulation.
  • Real firing 'push/squeeze' missiles.'
  • Detachable cockpit/ejector pod.
  • Universal peg system for different combinations/configurations.
  • Simple yet effective transformations for each space ship.
  • Huge scope for new spaceships, weapons and combinations to be added.

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