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A Simple Rocky Barrel Home


    Have you ever wondered, how does one make a house at least somewhat shaped of a barrel? Well, this set idea involves one way to look at that question, creating a bottom that goes from a narrow, flattened-out point to a main level with angled pillars, windows, and door, oh my! But how does one get down from the entrance? It is a couple blocks above the ground isn't it? Well, just use the stairs! 

    This set includes a minifigure with an axe, as well as the barrel home, a tree, stairs, rocks, a pathway from the stairs to the tree, and a somewhat decorative perimeter design around the tree. 

    What would I do differently? Well, for starters, I'd probably take another look at the design for the tree, or try to make the base and top of the barrel home a bit  more rounded, instead of straight cut, slanted corners like I did. For now though, I think it suits its purpose alright. 

    This set aimed at getting a new look at small, lego homes that are intricate in design, yet symetric in nature. I tried to use the rocks as decoration around the home because it appears that they aren't used often in sets lately. I also attempted getting a different look at the tree, using the 2x2 round blocks with gridded lines on them, to simulate a bark-like texture. 

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