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Star Wars:Battle Droid Spaceship

Thank you for taking a look at my new MOC. It is called The Battle Droid Spaceship. It includes a spaceship, a communications center, and 3 battle droids. Let's get started!

This is the side of the spaceship. It has a mini turret right behind the cockpit that the pilot controls. There is a big black engine that powers the ship. There is also a dark tanish color that resembles the battle droids.

This is the cockpit. One battle droid can fit and you can lay his blaster in his lap. There are joy sticks to control the ship. The control panel controls the mini turret behind the cockpit. The control panel also gets messages from the communications center. Finally, there is a gauge that acts like a radar.

This is the communications center. It has a gauge that also acts like a radar. There is a computer terminal that sends messages to the spaceship and gives info on what's happening on the ground. Also, there is a clock. There are two holders for blasters, one for the communicator, and one for the battle droid traveling on foot.

Finally, these are the battle droids. Then blue battle droid pilots the spaceship. The gray battle droid controls the communications center and finally, the red battle droid travels on foot.

Thank you so much for taking a look at this project. Don't forget to support and comment on this project and my other ones! Please tell me what I should change or add. And please tell me what to make next. Thanks!