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1980-Something Space Ship


This is a ship from the old space theme. It is slightly more updated. I called it 1980-something Space Ship because it looks like something Benny from the Lego Movie would use. It was made with 49 pieces and is not that big. It has a bit of playability with two flick missiles that can positioned. It has a seat for the minifigure and can still wear his oxygen tank. It is completely blue apart from the piece at the front. It has a piece that has side studs. It comes with a minifigure wearing the blue space suit. It's a quite simple build as it uses a lot of big pieces. The flick missiles have blue cones on the top. It has a couple of stickers but they are not necessary. It gradually gets wider and the goes thinner at the back. The slope pieces at the side don't stop the minifigure from sitting down so long as you put his arms the right way.

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