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SpaceX - Spacecraft Collection

SpaceX - The collection

What is it?
This set idea is a recreation of the different iconic SpaceX spacecrafts. The set features different parts, namely:
  • The Falcon Heavy
  • The Falcon 9
  • The Starship and Super Heavy
  • The Dragon
  • A miniature Earth
  • A miniature Mars
  • An Elon Musk Minifigure

Why did I build it?
Spaceships in LEGO form are always great. Specifically the spacecrafts that are based on real life. That is why I decided to recreate the SpaceX spacecrafts in LEGO form: because I like both LEGO spaceships and SpaceX!

Why do I believe that this would make a great LEGO set?
Spaceships have proven themselves to make great LEGO sets in the past. I think that a LEGO SpaceX set would make a great addition to the existing LEGO spacecraft sets. The SpaceX set would be great for display or to play with.

I hope that all of you like the set idea! Thanks to everyone who has supported it. I really appreciate it! I hope that one day, a LEGO SpaceX set will become reality.

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