Marvel Sentinel - Marvel Super Heroes - Days of Future Past set

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With Lego gaining the license to produce Marvel sets I'm hoping to see a wide variety of X-Men themed items. But none excite me more than the idea of a Sentinel. Those mutant-hunting machines known to all true Marvel comics fans.

This model is comprised of 462 parts not counting the minifigures, which are only shown for scale (and were the best mockups of X-Men I could make with the LDD's limitations on minifig designs.)

Good minifigs to include in a final product could be Jubilee, Gambit, Storm, and Rogue, to provide a great reference back to the first episode of the beloved X-Men animated series of the '90s. Other possibilities are Cyclops, Beast or Colossus. Or really any members of the X-Men team.

With twelve balljoints (3 in each arm and leg), two swivels (neck and waist), and individually articulated fingers, the Sentinel is capable of a good variety of poses. Its feet are large and have a bit extra length on the heel to help keep it upright.

"Mutant apprehended."