Product Idea

"Big Blue" Heavy Equipment Mover

 "BIG BLUE" Introduction

I designed this model as a tribute to my son and to my father. My four year boy has been obsessed with LEGO since he was about three and half. So I started buying the sets for older kids as he (and myself) were getting bored of the Duplo sets. After our trip to Legoland this spring we picked up the Bulldozer Lego City 60074 set which he loves thoroughly. After days of playing with it he found only one problem, there is no way to transport it to other work sites. He is quite aware that equipment requires trucks to move it. When we couldn't find anything from current or past sets that would do the job I decided I would try and make him one. His only request was it be his favorite color “blue”.
This is the link to my father who worked as a heavy haul truck driver for most of his driving career. My son has seen the photos of his Grandpas trucks hauling bulldozers and other equipment. I remember fondly going out to the remote wilderness areas of Alberta to pick up loads with my dad when I wasn't much older than my boy is now. I have modeled this truck from that era including the open radiator hood and 16 wheeler lowboy trailers that were used then.
After recently picking up the Big Bang Theory set I learned of the LEGO ideas website. After some convincing from friends I decided to submit it here as a future LEGO product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it and as much as my boy loves playing with it.


Model Description

Basic Info
Number of pieces: 400
Dimensions: 16 inches long by 4 inches wide

I designed this heavy haul truck and trailer with LEGO Digital Designer software. The truck and trailer have many features, including being fully articulated and won't bind at the fifth-wheel. Also an easy folding ramp that is used to load up equipment or can be easily detached. As you can see in the photos it suits the  LEGO bulldozer nicely and supports the weight or the bulldozer without flexing. The detail is to model equipment moving transport trucks featuring the 16 wheeler lowboy trailer. The truck is made to resemble heavy haul trucks with open radiator design. My son is 4 and was able to build the model by himself with direction from me except for a few sections like the “gooseneck” of the trailer which use a lot of TECHNIC pieces. The model has proven quite tough and is very playable for the young Lego fans. I made changes during the design to ensure that the parts were readily available on Bricklink and hopefully so in LEGO factory inventories. I have not fully checked but I think the blue bricks could be changed out for other Lego colors. Black and grey bricks will most likely need to be kept as I designed it.

Thank you for your support.