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Fossil Set Land Sea Air T-Rex

Thanks as always for the view! This three fossil set is mini figure scale and one included for just that. Twenty seven hundred and forty pieces, with the mosasaurus being the largest at just over one thousand pieces. The tryannosaurus rex or lizard king coming in next at just over eight hundred pieces. The skulls of each of the fore mentioned alone is three and five hundred pieces, the T-Rex again being the smaller skull. The Arambourgiania, or largest known pterosaur to have ever lived is around four hundred and seventy six pieces. Each base plate is about one hundred and thirty pieces.
1. Tyrannosaurus Rex with a weight of up to nine tons and and length of up to forty feet. Could stand as tall as twenty feet.
2. Mosasaurus and amphibian with a mass of thirty thousand pounds and could reach lengths of up to fifty feet.
3. Arambourgiania a giant reptilian class pterosaur, which could reach a wing span of forty three feet and maximum weight of about five hundred and fifty pounds. It is the largest pterosaur yet to be discovered.  




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