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Alien Attack!!


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Hey this is my first project here on LEGO ideas!!

Ok so for some background and description of my set!!

Fly the astronaut around the moon with the built-in jetpack and scanner looking for precious Gems!! But wait! The evil Alien in his modified mining Machine with plazma cannons! wants the same Gems! Zoom in to capture the astronaut, Break open the rock formation with the machines powerful claws and steal the Gems! but wait there might be one hope for the astronaut, use the walkie-talkie one the side of his helmet to call the MDD (miner defense department), Fly to the rescue in the MDD's newest fighter spacecraft the Repulser! Fire the flick missiles at the mining machine to disable it, land on the Moon with the hover engines built into the bottom of the spacecraft, jump out and handcuff the alien and save the astronaut and get the Gems back!!


What you get in the set: #1 mineral housing #2 Alien's mining machine #3 MDD's Fighter Jet.

: you also get three minifigs! Alien, Explorer astronaut, and Pilot astronaut.

You've read this far so please SUPPORT! thank you



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