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Mini Star Wars Bunker On Endor


This is the first in a series I am creating of mini Star Wars bases using small blocks and 1 block sized people. These sets are small enough for Logo enthusiasts who do not have a lot of extra space. The size is also appealing to younger Lego-ist as the size is not too overwhelming and still enjoyable for anyone to build. This particular base is the bunker on Endor where Han Solo and Princess Leia are trapped by enemy Storm Troopers and an AT-ST.

I've designed the set to maximize the terrain for a more creative play experience. The fun is expanded as each new base is added allowing the user to experience the full Star Wars adventure.



-About 119 pieces

-12 small mini-figures

-1 Mini AT-ST

-18 by 16 studs

-6 trees

Hope you like the idea and support it.

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