Heavily Armed/Amoured Robotic Destroyer

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The Heavily Armed/Armoured Robotic Destroyer or HARD suit is built much larger than your average hardsuit, this one has a payload of 16 concussion missiles (8 in the large battery on top, 2 in each hand mounted weapon holder and 2 next to each of the laser cannons next to the cockpit) as well as two hand-mounted twin turbolasers, one on each hand, two laser cannons next to the cockpit and two small rocket launchers which can fire rockets or smoke grenades. The hardsuit is also very poseable apart from its lack of ankle joints as it has working knee, hip, shoulder and elbow joints. The wrists only twist but the claws can grip and open. Finally the missile battery on top turns 360 degrees. Another feature is the rocket boosters under the feet!

The model standing with arms and legs outstretched. This model could be adapted into a series of huge hardsuits that could be fighting dinosaurs, aliens etc...

The next thing I would like to mention is how the interior features work. I wanted the pilot to have easy access but ladders wern't working for me so I developed a lift system. In the picture you can see the open entry hatch (two bricks are also removed so you can see the minifigure) and upon entering there you would find a small block attached to the wall by a stick hinge. The minifigure can then stand on the top and the lift takes them up to the controls for the H.A.R.D Suit in the cockpit. When exiting the suit the minifigure doesn't even have to turn around as there is a turntable on the lift which can turn so the minifigure faces the rear hatch on the way down. If this was made into a lego model a removable back section and some sort of exterior handle attached to the lift to raise it and lower it should be added.

Finally, a view of the cockpit.

So thanks for coming and please support this. Also download the lxf here http://www.us.lego.com/en-us/gallery/6eb964b6-c5f4-4c82-879c-87d2789364f7?i...
to look at the model in detail and understand it better!