Product Idea

Lawyers Office and Housing

This model was made on a 32x32 baseplate, The brown/olive-green building is the housing unit. The grey building is the lawyer's office. The housing unit is 3 stories tall, the lawyer's office is 2 stories tall. 

Housing Unit:

The first story has the kitchen, dining table and staircase leading up to the higher level. The kitchen is tiled blue and white. There is a stove, sink, cupboards/drawers, and a microwave in the kitchen.

The second story has the bedroom, self, and an entrance leading to the outside staircase. On the self, there is a globe, two action figures, and a model building. The bedroom has a grandfather clock, dresser, bed, and two night stands with a lamp on each.

The highest story is the living room and balcony. There is a TV with game consoles, couch & ottoman, movie posters, and a shelf with a trophy and another model building.


Laywers Office:

The first story has a desk with papers and a knick knack on it. There is also a brick-built lamp, file cabinets, and storage boxes.

There is a stair case behind the building to go to the second floor. On the second floor, there is a desk built differently from the one on the first floor. There is a book shelf and newspapers on the wall. One can infer that the articles in the newspaper is about cases the lawyers were in. There is a shelf on the wall that has an homage to the LEGO architecture Las Vegas set.