Product Idea

F7A Hornet

This is the F7A Hornet from the upcoming game Star Citizen. I built it first out of Lego but due to many people wanting instructions I created a digital version. I am also making the LDD file readily available so everyone can build one!


If you are coming to this page from another site and want Star Citizen Lego sets to be sold officially then please support this page! It needs 10000 supporters to reach the review stage (Also tell everyone you know to support it too!)

Imgur gallery

I have improved the design slightly as I was limited before by the amount of bricks in my collection. The side manoeuvring thrusters have been changed to look more like the real hornet. Also the main engine has been increased in size from the original design. There are some other small changes like the addition of the small guns on the cockpit as well as changing the green used to a darker tone.
There are some things which I would like to improve on that I currently can't find a solution to, such as using an asteroid for the turret as it is the only thing that is the correct size. So any suggestions for improving it would be great. I would love to perfect this thing before moving on to designing an RSI Aurora.

A close up of the gun turret. It was only possible to use an asteroid for the turret as there was no other dome like piece that I could find that was suitable

front render of the Hornet.