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Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword


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Update 400 Supporters

Hello! Wow 400 supporters already that's amazing. Thanks you to everyone who has supported so far. As stated in my last update I am trying to get all of the pieces to make a physical model in order to show you better details etc. I am unfortunately struggling financially (I won't bore you with the details) so finding all the pieces is going slow. I will put out the pictures as soon as I can. I ask only for your patience while I try to get everything I need. The biggest problem is that the model is over 2400 pieces. that's almost the size of the Simpson's house! thanks again for your support and I'll update you again when we get to 500!!!

Update 300 Supporters

Hey! 300 supporters this is crazy. Thank you to everyone who has supported so far. It's amazing to think that so many people like it. In my last update I said that I would be collecting the bricks to make it physically and therefore provide better images. I still intend to do that but I am having difficulty finding some pieces. I promise they will be up asap. Maybe when we reach 400 supporters. Thanks again and if you can then please spread the word around. I would love to own this set and not because I built it. If this set is made a reality Lego might make more Zelda as they have for Minecraft. How awesome would that be!

Update 200 supporters

Wow thank you everyone for voting. I'm really glad that so many people have liked this set. I would like to address the images in this update. I have had some comments asking to improve the images that are here. I was advised to use povray which I have tried but for some reason it does not work on my computer. I have however come up with an alternative. I am trying to get every piece for this set physically. It may take a while (it is over 2000 pieces) but I will change the images asap. I will also use the set to make a youtube video will it so you can see many more details than the images show.

Thanks again for supporting, I really appreciate it!



Update 100 supporters

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. 100 supporters already and it's only been up a month! It's great to know that there are so many people who would like to see a project such as this one become an official lego product. Lets keep this up!

I have read all of the comments and have taken into account all of the suggestions made to improve the model and I will add them in once I am happy with the designs. If you have anymore suggestions please add a comment and I will read them. Thanks again!!

Oh and here is my Flickr account so that you can get a closer look!
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Yes I know, it's another zelda project but please bear with me. Since becoming a fan of CUUSOO I have seen many great Zelda sets, the first being Mingles original amazing design. Then there was Ragaru's Twilight princess project which was also amazing. There is also WesTalbott's brilliant design of the Iron Knuckle encounter from the Ocarina of Time. There is even a great set for Wind Waker by flailx. However we have never seen a set for Skyward Sword... Until now.

Out of all the Zelda games that I have played, this game is probably my favourite as you can no doubt tell judging by the ridiculous amount of details in this set. I do intend to compress this set eventually to make it more affordable, but I wanted to see what others thought about the set before doing so.

Without further ado then, let me show you as much as I can.

This are what I like to think of as the exterior parts. These are made to be outside of the main set. The largest part of these (top left) is infact four separate sections which can be attached using Connector pegs. the four sections are displayed beneath it and to the right. The sections on the right are it's two walls the first showing a target for the clawshots, a wall part for link to climb up and also a stamina fruit. The second wall has a statue upon it. In the game you can use you're beetle item to grab a bomb flower and place it in the cup of the statue (being represented here by a knight helmet turned upside down). The statue will then fall down after the bomb explodes. This statue performs similarly by folding down to reveal a rupee.

The two parts shown underneath the full section are the rocky surface, which if you remove it you can find inside another rupee, and finally the main section of the piece. This piece relates to the timeshift stones in the game. When you hit the stone, it causes the area around it to go back in time. I have tried to show this with a turning mechanism that changes the colour of the floor when you turn it.

The other four smaller elements are to the lower right hand side of the image. The largest of these recreates link digging. you can hit the plate on the far side, and another rupee will fly out. the element with the grass relates to when you cut the grass. when you lift up the grass you can find either a rupee or a heart. then there are the heart flowers which you get three of. Finally there is a piller with a red rupee on top of which you collect with your beetle.

Iv'e tried to make this easier by numbering each part. these sections are the main building. which can all be attached by connector pegs except for the section number 4. we'll get to that later.

1. This is the front door. it has a sort of balcony which holds a pink stone (the balcony can be detached along with the columns in front of it). in the game you hit one of these stones to open doors. You can open and close the door by moving the flag left and right. section 1b shows the other side of the front door. Link can climb the vines to get to the bridge section. He has to use his Gust bellows item to move the contraption towards the chest. the bridge connects from the front door to the opposite wall which you can see in image 2a.

2. this show the floor and second wall of the first room. there are five separate sections to this parts. the two larger floor parts have two scorpions and two stamina fruits on them as well as a white spider. when these two pieces are connected they make a mosaic of the link that you find in the original legend of zelda game (see 2b.). the next floor piece found in the middle of the room has a statue in a sunken floor. you can push this statue onto a switch. the third area i want to talk about is on the right of 2a. This part has two barrels and a pillar. On top of the pillar their is a grey key. you can collect the key with your beetle to proceed to the next room (You can also remove the pillar and put the Beamos there instead see below). On the opposite side of 2a. there is another small element. It has two pots on the floor and three bats hanging from the ceiling. behind the pots there is a function where you can fling the pots at link. the pots are the same ones that the leprechaun from the collectable minifig series had. Then we come to the main wall.This has another treasure chest that can be raised and lowered, two more statues and a door that can be opened and closed. their is also a lock and chain infront of the door which is why you need the key.

3. Having made our way through the first room we can enter the second room. This shows the reverse side of the second wall as well as another pillar and a third wall. On this side of the second wall there are some stairs, two more pots on the floor, some grey grass, a stamina fruit and another digging piece. The floor is in fact two more detachable sections splitting the stairs from the stamina fruit and digging section. connected to the wall is a mine cart that can be pushed up the ramp. This allows Link to jump onto the pillar's crumbled looking platform. Link can then use his gust bellows item to turn the pillar in order to reach the higher level attached to the third wall which holds another treasure chest. The grass below the chest are supposed to hold bombs and therefore become bomb flowers. If you look very carefully you can just see a final stamina fruit hiding behind the wall next to the door which moves with a function similarly to that of the front door (see 1a.). This room is also intended to be made into a boss room by removing the pillar section entirely.

4. Finally after making it through the last door you can find a bird symbol which link hits with a skyward strike with his sword. The Symbol can spin a full circle.

For a better understanding of the sets suggested layout, see the first image.

Now we have possible minifigs/enemies and items. not all of these will be in the final set so if you want this project to be made please tell me which of the you like most. you'll notice link is not in this image either. he's got his own image.

From left to right on the top row we have a Stalfos, an Ancient Robot, a Deku Baba, a white scorpion, a white spider and two purple bats.
The skeleton is fairly basic the only unusual thing is his crown which is the darth maul spikes. His sword are both different too. one is an uruk hai blade from lord of the rings whilst the other is a basic castle sword. If we do have to cut cost then he would probably be one to get rid of as it is very easy to make him from other available lego sets.
The Ancient robot is probably my favourite thing that I have made for this set. certainly in the top ten. His hat is Nute Gunray's from star wars which I thought was perfect for this character. The only other minifig piece is his head.
The Deku Baba is something that I am fairly happy with. the head is and upside down Samurai helmet with a motorcyclist visor attached to act as the lower jaw.
The Mogma is pretty simple in deign. Just a minifig's body and head with the lion face mask from the legend of Chima Theme. As much as I like this character, This one might have to be removed from the model if it means getting the rest of all this stuff.
Their would be two scorpions and spidersin this set along with three bats preferably. The scorpion and spider here are in glow in the dark colours but I wouldn't mind if they were in white.

The second row Has two optional bosses, a giant spider and scorpion as well as a sentrobe and a beamos. The spider has posable limbs and body as does the scorpion. The sentrobe shoots rockets at link in the game before releasing two smaller balls that link has to defeat before destroying the sentrobe completely. The beamos fires a laser at link if he gets too close and link has o cut it twice before he can hit it's head. you'll notice that there is also a ruined version of the beamos as well (The beamos is what can replace the pillar piece that you can see in section 2a in the image above).

In the last line we have a closer look of the stamina fruit as well as all link's items. The beetle, the slingshot, the bug net, the bomb, the gust bellows, the clawshots, the hero's bow, the whip and the digging mitts.

And last but certainly not least we have Link himself and his swords and shields. There are two versions of Link here, one with arm printing (which is my preferred version) and one without. Also there are some images of his head piece.

The shields from left to right are:
The wooden shield which is the same as captain america's
The steel shield made using the roman shield from the collectable minifig series.
The the sacred shield made from lego's castle triangle like shield
The Hylian shield which is the same mould as the sacred shield.

There are three swords as well depending on what stage of the quest Link is on. The smallest is that of the gladiator sword from the minifig series, then the long sword from the Lord of the rings sets. The Final sword is my own design and I therefore would require a new mould. If this is not possible then I would ask for a second long sword but in a light grey colour.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sorry for being rather long winded but there is a lot of stuff to get through. I hope you like this project as much as I have enjoyed building it. I await your opinions with great anticipation.

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