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Fender Jaguar with Twin Reverb


If you dream of being a rockstar, love collecting guitars, or just love music, you will love this Lego Fender Jaguar which comes with a Twin Reverb amp and stand! Just like the real thing, the model has a tremolo, known to many as the "whammy bar" and has double hum-buckers used to pick up the sound from the vibrating strings. The stand is a perfect fit for this guitar, but also fits any other guitar bodies or designs you may dream up! Finally, the amp has tilt back legs, so it can blast decibels straight to your face! 

This intricate model looks just like the real deal, and has a medium build difficulty. I believe the Jaguar is one of the most beautiful guitar designs ever, and I hope you do too! I hope this design inspires a line of Lego guitars, all built to a similar scale, with different body designs and details.

If approved, one of the details I would like to add to the design is a print for the dials of the amp, in the same style as the iconic amp! Another addition could be a telecaster body design, in flame orange-yellow, however, I wanted to include a single guitar body to hit a lower price mark, seeing as this set would probably be in the $25 to $35 ball park. Finally, a string piece would definitely be necessary to be used 

I hope you enjoy the design!

Here's the link: Fender Jaguar


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