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Ultimate Lego Checkers


We've all enjoyed the Lego chess and other games.  But here's one that we've not seen in stores yet.  This giant Lego checkers set combines the excitement of a good classic game with the ease of storage.  The squares of this board have, on the sides, holes and pins that connect and disconnect for easy take-apart storage.  The checkers themselves can be stacked using the studs on top and bottom of the checkers.  The board measures approximately one and one half inches wide and long.  To be able to tell apart the board from the checkers, I made the checkers themselves red and yellow instead of the classic black and red.  While playing, the checkers can be easily moved from one square to another and made into kings.  The entire model took 1880 bricks to build.  Hope you like this set.  Please support it.  Thanks!