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Drone Photographer


This set is made out of the quadcopter photo drone, the photographer mini figure, the remote control, and the necessary set of spares and accessories (batteries, propellers and various lenses for the camera).

It is made for any drone fan, hobbyist or professional, to play with when the weather is not permitting to fly! One can simulate taking aerial pictures of other lego sets, or prepare a photography mission!

With the rise of drones, the rules of aerial photography have been radically changed. With limited investment and training, a bit of coordination, some skills of vision in space, and following basic safety rules, anybody can become a drone pilot.

By installing a camera on a drone, one can make the first step in the world of aerial photography.

Technically, in heavy rain, cold weather or a very windy day, drones are not yet completely fitted to fly. The electronics does not like the water too much, the batteries loose their power producing capacity rather drastically in cold weather, and the engines need to be sturdy enough to overcome a steady wind or gusts.

With this set, in the comfort of one's home, no need of blue skies to play!

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