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Leprechaun's Realm


This is a LEGO set project about the fairy tales realms; this is so of Leprechaun folklore, but a different fairy. This is the home of leprechaun called Tadoo - the solitary fairy of all grey things, he is the entity of the concrete, the asphalt, to towns and the constructions however this is not about the realms of the human, and it is about the Leprechaun's Realms.

This being talk with us, the humans, in dreams and he say to us at those moments:

"I am a fairy. One Leprechaun from minority’s fairies, but in major in the humanity. I am a grey fairy. One fairy of the concreted places, and of the asphaltic roads, and more. All the grey things belongs me.

Nevertheless, I am not interesting in talking about our grey home, humans, because all of us hurry knowing of the towns, the buildings and the bridges, and more. Not for now. For now, I talking about of my realm, a place of dreams, colors, waters, green fields and arts magical.

The charm is in my kingdom. The colors live there. Not only are they there, they are alive and more colorful over there. Enchanting. The place we are talking about and the dwelling that now we are in is an enchanted residence. Where the colors, shapes and sensations of these places spread our view, and jump us, high, in our eyes. Come, enter this kingdom and be my guest " - Tadoo, the grey Leprechaun.


 This project of LEGO set contain:
º One minifigure: The Leprechaun

º Three trees and other trees elements

º Various plateau

º Connection elements, bars in rounded parts, and many other differentiated parts.

299 bricks in all.

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