Product Idea |

Wallace and Gromits Living Room!


I wanted to make a set after a thing that I love so I designed it for many people to enjoy. The pictures are of the set and accesories. The set would come with.

*A Wallace Minifigure.

*A Gromit Dogfigure/Minifigure

*Their livingroom with included couch, chair, lamp, footrest with cheese and cracker accesorys, newspapers, and table with flours, tea kettle, and cup.

The livingroom would be more detailed in the end product and would look more like in the shows, so as to give it a better look. I have always loved the classic shows and movie so I thought of making an ideafor a lego set made after them so I made this for all to see and enjoy and hopefully to support and even maybe follow. So please, do all you can to make this become a set if you enjoy the shows and would love to own the set, and also tell people you know to support.