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The Mechanic


The Mechanic is a single perspective build with many points of access. The challenge set for myself was to create a multi-storey building on a 16x16 plate. It is non-modular because of the lift used for aircraft maintenance. There is also access on the street level for automobile maintenance. 

Characters: I was aiming for more punk than steampunk in the two women. The mechanical engineer is riding the lift and the metallurgist is working below. Climbing the stairs is their mature-aged apprentice who is more steampunk with his mechanical arm.

Other features:

  • Lift becomes part of the roof.
  • Anchor hook that moves up and down with the lift.
  • Boiler room.
  • Welding and blacksmithing shop floor.
  • Light fittings.

Note: The rendering of the fireplace on the boiler and the details of the mini figures didn't work in

Thanks for your support on The Athena everyone. Hopefully this was worth the wait between projects and you get some good ideas for your own creations from this. 

457 parts not including mini figures.